we paid ninety dollars to be dressed in blue hefty bags.

worth it.


  1. Congrats you two!! It was so great to see you for a second Sara....ps-I wanted to tell you how much I LOVED you with bangs. Adorable and gorgeous. CONGRATS, CONGRATS.....nothing better than being DONE with school. :) {and what a joke that a cap and gown costs that much....lol)

  2. CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! You look adorable in your blue hefty bags! Martha Stewart would be so proud of you! Seriously.

    It was so much fun to run into you and Mike right after the ceremony and I'm so glad I got a couple of pics of you two! Did Angie mention that I texted her a copy of one of them? She was seriously thrilled. Her exact words: "Oh my gosh, that makes me so happy!" Meeting you again (the first time was at Lauren's & Mike's reception) was genuinely one of the highlights of my week-- and it was pretty amazing! You are just darling. Good luck in NYC!


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