and after many promises, our group stop motion piece. so much time. blood. sweat. oreo cookies. tears. oh amanda knight hall, i will have so many fond and delusional memories of you. the complete margins exhibit is still on display in the harris fine arts center for the next two weeks (on the main floor) so if you're in the area and actually know what the HFAC is stop by and meander through some aesthetically pleasing posters. the whole project will be online at marginsproject.com in the next few weeks.


  1. This was so well done!! I loved all of it! and I thought the info was really interesting!

  2. Sara, this is AMAZING!!!! I'm showing it to my bf...he's an auditor. Just finished busy season - 3 months of 70 hours of work a week. He'll love it, haha.

    Also, I think it's great that the video is about work life balance but you guys worked a crap ton of hours to make the video.

  3. This is incredible! Seriously, I am astounded. And scared by the facts presented. I think I'll move to Sweden; they have great desserts AND lots of paid days off.

  4. This was great!!! Loved it! It made me think, even though I'm home all day, everyday.


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