don't you worry 'bout a thing

ever heard of it? it's a fascinating documentary about the food industry in america. we watched it in one of my design classes yesterday. i realize that the filmmakers have their own agenda, but i will recommend anything that makes me think and encourages conscious decision making. however, you might cry. baby chicks. that's all i will say.

interesting quote from the film: "the idea that you would have to write a book about where your food came from shows you how far removed we are" (author of fast-food nation) + a fun fact for the day: the average american person consumes 200 pounds of meat per year.

i have seen quite a few books about this topic and i really would like to read some and see if we can implement some better food decisions into our daily diets + have some different perspectives on the subject. recommendations?

here's to being more informed.


  1. We've had that movie in our queue forever and we are too afraid to watch it. I am worried it'll make us paranoid! But I do think it's better to be informed. Having done no studying on the subject, the only words of advice I can give is to eat things in thief most natural state. Like whole fruits an vegetables, non-processed foods, etc. Man, eating healthy takes a lot of thought and planning, it seems like. Let me know what you learn on the subject, and in the meantime I'm going to finally buckle down an watch Food Inc.

  2. Oh and I've heard "In Defense of Food" is a really good book. It's on my list.

  3. Eww, 200 pounds of meat? That sounds so sick, seriously. That's more than my own person.


    I try to not read or watch things related to food, as I then turn anorexic on accident because I'm too scared to eat. So no recommendations from me, sorry.

  4. "The Crazymakers" is supposed to be really good, although I haven't started reading it.


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