a light into the world

a few months ago there was a competition to design a christmas card around the theme "i am come a light into the world" for the college of fine arts and communications. well, remembering my past reflection contest days, i decided to enter at the last minute. so this is the design i submitted. they didn't get very many entries, and mine actually won. go team!

it was actually a really cool experience for me to reflect on the birth of the savior and how my life is what it is because of him. his influence in my life is very personal and very real. merry belated christmas!


  1. Don't act all humble. We all know you would have won even if there were a million entries. This way you just didn't have to make as many people feel bad when you put them all to shame! ....
    Was that a Christ-like thing for me to say???

  2. Um, remember how I told you that you were going to win? Yep, that was me. You definitely owe me ice cream. :) And, the card is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE this!! You are one talented girl--love your hair cut, too. 4 inches IS a difference. :) That is about as far as I experiment also. Side note: I'm sad we're not vt-ing partners anymore!

  4. It's beautiful! You are so talented.

  5. So beautiful. I love it!! Way to go for winning, but really, I'm not at all surprised.


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