confession: i haven't been to my american heritage class in a week and a half... or so. this morning as i sat deeply pondering my life while eating a stack of oreos and vanilla frosting (separate of course) i remembered this quote from my sixth grade teacher: "an education is the one thing americans are willing to pay for and not receive." that mrs. walker, she was one smart lady in a purple pantsuit. so i resolved to try harder. i went to american heritage an hour early today. i did all the reading and even made myself repeat definitions in preparation for the quiz in class. during the quiz, i accurately traced england's monarchs from henry viii to william of orange. i oozed knowledge. nailed that quiz!

and then the TA stated that the quiz was actually an object lesson, and everyone got 100% just for showing up. really? so much for staying motivated.


  1. hahahahhaha Mrs walker and her purple pantsuit.

  2. Oreos with vanilla frosting?! I love you Sara. You're a girl after my own heart. (I don't know what that really means but my mom says it.)

    And that quote from Mrs. Walker was SO TRUE!

  3. Good ol' Mrs. Walker. Too bad I was never smart enough to be apart of you ALL kids. And I'm publicly apologizing for calling you the All Lindon Losers behind all of your backs. Please forgive me? Love you :)

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Freaking American Heritage TAs.

  5. Danica, we always knew we were the All Lindon Losers! I still haven't lived it down....

    Good times with Mrs. Walker. And her crying. Most of my few memories of that class involve her crying.


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