maybe it's better not to blog when i am a little bit annoyed.


this morning i found this link.

what an adorable nursery, right? and the good morning sunshine print looks awfully familiar too...

but she didn't buy it from me. it was ripped off. this has happened a few times in the last couple months and it's a little bothersome. i'm flattered that people like the prints, but creative thievery is the worst kind of insult in an "i like what you did but it's not worth it to pay you for your work" kind of way. sigh.

(can i add that she is a photographer? another creative professional. she should know better. but i would rather not have anyone comment on her blog. i'm not calling out the pitchforks ;)

not sure there's anything i can do (should i send her an email? nothing nasty, just a little head's up sort of thing?), but after an invitation job gone wrong last week where there is still a balance that is probably coming out of my pocket i am feeling a little on edge.

on the bright side, i am about to eat a cake bite. so all is not lost :)

*edit: so... some of you went and commented on her blog anyways, and she added a link to the site*


  1. I'm seriously thinking about commenting on her blog and letting her know what I think about her "clever" Costco remake.

  2. i can always count on you chan :) i'm sure she is a perfectly nice person. i need to get you some prints for your little boy's room! we should make him a soccer ball and cleat :)

  3. She even admits she stole the design from you! What a brat. That's pretty rude.

  4. Ewww Sara, that is so annoying...I had a comment written on her blog, but decided not to post it. I'm sorry people are so rude. On a happy note, I am looking at your prints and deciding which ones I want for Kipton's room :)

  5. you should check her blog now with the last 4 comments... just sayin'
    Love you sar, I need to buckle down on the ones i want!

  6. I feel like I got punched in the gut. I am a nice person. Promise. The kind that doesn't do well when I realize I've offended! This is going to eat at me for days. I haven't felt this way since I made the mistake of posting my Prop. 8 opinion on my blog and somehow it got linked to the official website. Yikes. You can imagine the nasty remarks.

    I'm not sure what to do now because I already submitted the nursery to ohdeedoh and wish I hadn't... wish I'd taken more time to write and hadn't said I recreated the poster. Of course I wish I hadn't recreated it in the first place, but it's too late. If you read my too-long comment on my own blog, it might make a LITTLE more sense. Either way, I've learned my lesson- and feel super duper lame. Not a good feeling.

    I'd be happy to purchase a poster from you now-- though I'm not sure if that helps or is just beside the point now. I changed the link on my actual post to link your site--- And I added your link in the ohdeedoh comments yesterday right after it went up. I'm so sorry Sara. I should have thought a little more about what I was doing. I had saved a bunch of your posters in my inspiration folder and kept trying them out in my idea boards for my baby's room and by the time I went to create something, I hadn't saved the link to your site and didn't know where I'd found that Good Morning Sunshine poster. Sounds lame but it's true. Anyway-- let me know if there's something I can do at this point to redeem myself. Though I'm pretty sure your friends will say there's not.

    I think your posters are DARLING. Clearly.


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