ok friends, what did we learn today.

1 - do not post things when you are feeling anything other than neutral. ie, sad, frustrated, annoyed. you will regret it.

2 - the internet is so. insanely. fast. and connected.

3 - i have wonderful and overprotective friends and family.

4 - lillie is wonderful and nice and talented and i think we should all visit her blog and leave her a nice comment :)

5 - alexandre desplat is an amazing composer. totally unrelated to this post, but very true and you should google him.


  1. Haha! I can't stop laughing!!! What a commotion you caused in the blog world today Sara! I'm pretty sure that girl will have nightmares about this one. But let's be honest... She is a thief and deserves to be treated like one! Hehe! But seriously.... I'm glad that it was set straight. And igopesge can get over the terror you unknowingly put her through.
    Ps. I promise I won't complain if you design a sweet soccer poster.

  2. And by "igopesge" I actually mean 'I hope she'. Stinking iPhone!

  3. Oh the drama! I read Lillie's comment on the last post and she seems really nice. Honest (and a little careless) mistake? I think so. Um.... I dont' know what else to say except I think you're great. and Someday when I have a nursery you know where I'm going for the wall decor! ;)


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