i thought i was clever, and then i walked outside.

yesterday i faced a dilemma of epic proportions. no jeans. in a stroke of (supposed) genius, i pulled out a pair of capris. thought process: capris + boots = 1 new pair of jeans for the girl who does not do laundry enough. no one would ever know... except the three inches of bare skin between my sock and capri. the minute i stepped outside the wind whipped straight through my boot and frosted that exposed skin. it was like wearing ice packs around my ankles all day. utterly foolish.


  1. Personally, I still thought it was a genius idea. You just need a little thicker boots.

  2. That's why you gotta wear tall socks! Silly woman.

  3. I totally have done that. I do it all the time. AND it's okay :) I love it!


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