the bfa diet

when you live in a classroom/lab for days on end it's really easy to forget to eat. our class decided last year to take turns bringing food so no one would pass out from hunger during a critique... or turn to cannibalism. between classes, work, and sweating over deadlines, sometimes it's the only food you eat all day.

yesterday we had bananas, the most amazing cinnamon yogurt covered pretzels, pringles, and mr. keebler's elves. nutritional, filling, and delightful.

i think i will sing some mighty big hallelujahs! if all 16 of us manage to survive until next april.


  1. Mmmm I love mr keebler's elves

  2. You need an ice cream bar. :) Also, I've decided your blog hates me. I have to click 'Post Comment' like three hundred and forty-two times before it will post my comment. That may or may not be an exaggeration. Exageration? Hrmph.

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