don't tell my husband.

i made this print for my grandma last christmas. it perfectly describes the way she lived her life. i was out in my parents garden yesterday weeding (what?! i loathe weeding, but i love my mother, hence the weeding) and wishing i could just give the entire world this print and then maybe more people would turn out like grandma. and then, epiphany. because mike is backpacking this week and i have been making loads of irrational decisions in his absence, i realized that it's my business and i could give them away. genius!

so... until next tuesday (because we are flying out to nyc next week) if you want a copy of this print i will send it to you for just the cost of shipping on the one condition that you don't shove it in the back of a closet somewhere (unless you spend a large amount of time in the closet, and then that's ok).

just send me an email at avintageposter@gmail.com and tell me if you want it in 8" x 10" or 11" x 14" and which color you want. all colors can be found here. i'll send you a link to pay the $3.95 shipping (or $7.95 for international orders) and voila! you will get your print sometime next week. feel free to spread the word too, the more the merrier!


  1. u come 2 ny next week? yay.

  2. Sara, that is just so sweet. I am so sorry about your grandma. What a great way to honor her. Good luck with NY prep!

  3. so sweet of you. so excited!

  4. This is amazing!! I love the print. And what an awesome way to preserve your grandma's legacy. Can I give you five dollars when I see you tonight and take one home with me? :)


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