today i found out that i don't own a suitcase.

for some reason i've grown up assuming that people naturally owned a suitcase when they became an adult. i don't know how this would magically occur or why, it's one of those things that i never thought completely through, similar but not quite like the time i invented my own cereal with shredded cheese, apple sauce, and cornflakes. 

we are leaving for new york in 4 days and will be gone for 10-ish weeks and i'm not entirely sure what to pack or what to pack it in. the thought process for the last week has been something like this:

i should really start packing.
let's google 'business casual'
wow, this is a terrible color. what possessed me to buy this shirt? oh, that's why the tag is still on it.
this ice cream is really amazing.
we should really do laundry more often.
i'll just chuck this in the dryer.
hmmm... i think this shirt qualifies as business casual. check! one item to pack.
do i own a suitcase?
please oh please don't let me embarrass myself on the first day.
or get lost.
or be late.
or trip.
or get mugged.
WHY don't i own a suitcase?!

and it usually ends in a mild state of panic with a mound of clothes on the floor and me crashing on my parents' couch watching hgtv with glazed eyes.

i feel completely unprepared for this internship. especially after the past month. at this point all i really want is the house hunters re-runs to help me remedy the situation before friday. maybe suzanne wong can explain what business casual means. it seems like she would know.


  1. Aww...you're going to be great! If it makes you feel any better I don't own a suitcase either. I can't afford to go anywhere so it doesn't really make sense to waste my money on a suitcase. Someday I'll go on a trip and that's when I'll buy one. :) Good luck with the suitcase shopping.

  2. Suitcases are over rated. A duffle bag does the same thing, plus they are much easier to store and clean. Just saying.

  3. Oh Sara, I can't wait to hear all your New York stories. You're going to have an awesome time. You won't be late or get mugged, and with proper shoe choices, you shouldn't trip either. You'll be great!!! Business casual must be something between a suit and a holey jeans. Deep breaths deary, it's going to be ok

  4. thank you friends! that was a nice and much needed boost of confidence :)

  5. I had the same realization a couple years ago.... and I guess I still kind of don't have a suitcase. We use Klane's old ones from his mission. Haha.

    I will tell you some things you don't have to pack:

    -ice cream

    We've got you covered. ;)

    And I hope you're not too stressed. This is going to be so fun! I can't WAIT! You will be awesome at your internship. You might get a little turned around getting there the first time (I wouldn't say lost, that is such a harsh word ;) ), but after that you'll be fine. And you won't be late because you'll probably leave way too early just in case. And you won't trip (but you might fall on top of a random lady on a cross-town bus, no big deal). And you definitely won't get mugged. That one I am completely sure about. :)

    Oh and we are going to hit the coolest stores on Saturday and you can fill in the gaps in your business casual wardrobe.



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