fare thee well, wymount

after two and a half years of living in our little wymount apartment we have officially said goodbye. we are crashing with mike's parents until we head out to new york in a few weeks, and we decided that when we come back in august we would like a change of scenery for our last year at byu. wymount was good to us (minus the mysterious smell in our sink) and we met some awesome people that we'll miss.

packing/moving with mike is a party. when we were boxing up the kitchen a few items mysteriously broke so he wouldn't have to pack them. then he started a fun game where he would hold an object over the garbage and as he slowly lowered it in i had to either a) identify what the item was or b) give at least two uses for it. i didn't win very often. and every time i put something in the d.i. pile i was rewarded with his charlie brown dance. i really love him.

hurry up june! we're a bit anxious to get out to new york.


  1. I love that your frame still has picture of other people. I remember that from when we came over to your apartment. That's awesome you never replaced them. (at least - that's what it looks like). :)

  2. I love your decorating skills, your living room is adorable! and I'm jealous of what your summer is gonna be like!

  3. haha brittney you're totally right! i never got around to putting pictures in the frames... oops :)

  4. Okay, so maybe you can help me decorate the new apartment....? I love what you did with your place. I am seriously lacking in the decorating department. I need your creative genius.

    And i love you guys and I can totally imagine how your move was. Hahaha, your little descriptions of packing are so great.


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