we interrupt this blogging absence...

for some exciting news. my little brother jeff received his mission call tonight. we got to be with the familia via facetime (yay steve jobs! uniting families!) as he opened his call to the budapest, hungary mission. jeff is the golden child in our family. everybody loves jeff. and you know why? because if you text him and say that you can't remember how to turn the tv on even if he just showed you how two days ago you will hear him get up from his chair on the second floor and come bounding down the stairs to turn it on for you - again. and he will even give you one of his cookies. he's that kind of person. and here's the best part about the day he's reporting to the mtc...
(last march at jess's wedding, just a few days before jenny left on her mission)

on october 18th everyone gets to be reunited for a whole 24 hours! let the fiesta planning begin. there are no definite plans yet, but i think it will be a laser tag/ihop/arcade gaming affair. (and if anyone knows anything about hungary, do share. but only if it will not make my mother worry anymore than she already is).


  1. Hey, I know a whole bunch of guys who went to Hungary on their missions. There were four of them who decided to be roomies afterwards, and they were in my FHE group. Their mission stories were usually funny and I don't remember anything horrible at all. I think all their crazy stories were based around the truly unique hungarian food and how much work the language is. But those are good problems! Your brother is going to love it.

  2. My best friend on the whole planet served her mission in Hungary! You could look her up on my FB, Mary Dodge. She says it was a difficult mission to be sure. She only had one family be baptized her whole mission... but a lot of european missions are that way. I'm sure he will do great!

  3. Oh and there is this restaurant in Budapest that I really really want to visit someday. The food travels past your table on two little conveyor belts, one hot and one cold. It's like a buffet, but the food comes to you! If you want to eat something, you just take it off as it travels past. I don't even care if the food is crappy or not... it just sounds so much like the Jetson's or something. I wanna do it.


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