keeping it close to home

we're back from new york! more updates on that later. things have been craaaaaaaaazy around here.
let's blame these two kids.

they got engaged last week and they are so perfect for each other. yay for lara and bryce! and we love to make weddings as insane as possible around here. i got married the week after jess got home from her mission. jess got married the weekend before jenny reported to the mtc for her mission. and now, jenny is coming home from argentina on the eleventh, lara is getting married on the fourteenth, and jeff is leaving on the nineteenth. that's what my parents get for having seven kids in ten years :)

bryce is great. he is super nice, funny, and fits into the criteria of living within 15 minutes of my parents house. see?

it's really amazing. and bonus points for angie since she grew up around the corner and we played american girls together when we were little. it must be something in the lindon/pg water...

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  1. Hahaha, I love it. Bonus points for me!!! I can't wait to see how Lara's wedding turns out amid all the craziness. That is going to be one exciting week for the Elsey family!!

    And we miss you. A lot. And we LOVED the surprises awaiting us when we got home. You guys are the best. THE BEST! We love you. Thanks for everything. Come live with us anytime you like.


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