by the time you read this, i will be in a sugar coma.

yesterday was one of those really great days. i'm close to finishing a lot of projects at work. i finally introduced mike to bottino, the place where most of my daily $20 stipend is going (sidenote: ang and i found a copycat of their delicious watermelon-strawberry lemonade and she posted the recipe here) mike and i hung out on the pier after work until we met up with klane and ang for some fire-cooked pizza at ovest. we walked the highline twice in one day (it's prettiest at sunset). and then. then we partook of a fabulous joke called a donut sandwich.

things quickly got out of control once we started ordering. first, they take a doughnut and slice it like a bagel. next, they have you pick 3 kinds of ice cream to stuff inside. 3?!?! we burst out laughing. each step after that we lost it again. now we add icing? bahahahaha. and as many toppings as we want? bahahahaha. we could barely stop laughing to tell them what to do next. there has to be some six year old kid in the back running the whole show, who else would have thought of this?

ang and i split one while the boys each got their own heart-attack inducing version. this is our masterpiece: cheescake, red velvet cake batter, and some other ridiculous flavor of ice cream topped with chocolate icing, rainbow sprinkles, crushed oreos, and mini m&ms for a nice touch of crunch.

mike's creation.

and then we ate it. we sat outside in bright green lawn chairs and stuffed our faces, much to the pleasure/surprise/disgust of everyone walking by.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, that sounds right up my alley. It's my 6-year-old brain that thinks of stuff like that.

    When you get back, we must go to Blickenstaff's. MUST. You'll appreciate it as much as I do.

  2. Bahahahahaha - I still can't believe how awesome it was. (And our third ridiculous flavor of ice cream was Smores, FYI.) Oh we are amazing. :)

    Yesterday evening really was so so much fun. Why haven't we been doing stuff like this every night all summer?! (The nights we hang out at home are fun too. But you know.)



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