studio tour

unfortunately, i'm not allowed to take any pictures of the studio space. there are new products and future magazine layouts everywhere and they don't really want premature internet debuts.

fortunately, an article came out today about working at martha. with photos! hooray!

and now, i will be your official tour guide.

the office takes up one and half floors of the starrett lehigh building in west chelsea. each floor is an entire city block. it's huge. and there are hundreds and hundreds of windows. everything is white, white, white. i have personally seen people walking around with white paint cans touching things up. they keep it pristine.

this is the only two story part of the offices. they have lunch vendors here, and there are usually lots of products set up for test displays.

this would be your typical row. i sit on such a row. the second seat in, on the left. on the verrrrry east side of the building. it's a hike in the mornings from the elevators.

this is gael towey's office. she's the chief creative officer/director/head honcho. it's only a couple rows down from where i sit. she's really nice. all the directors/editors/department heads have cool glass offices.

kevin sharkey's office. sort of amazing in person. the books! look at them!

a test kitchen. there are three total. i will severely miss the test kitchens and my close proximity to where they put the extra food.

the roof. it's the perfect spot to eat lunch. there are also three photo studios, the prop studio, the crafts room... loads of things. it's a really big place and it's pretty easy to wander. i really love this place.


  1. I am oozing with jealousy. I must work there.

  2. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!! I am now even more excited for tonight. And I didn't even realize how cool the Martha offices were. That should have been obvious, that they would be amazing. Can't wait to see it in real life! (Hopefully I'm not horribly underdressed for such an occasion, they might kick me out!)

  3. I am really jealous you get to work at Martha. I would love that! And the rainbow color-coordinated books? Totally my thing.


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