moooooooovies. what a strange word.

mike likes watching movies. i like sleeping through movies. i rarely make it past the opening credits - and i'm pretty sure it's genetic since my mom is the same way. sometimes i will wake up sporadically throughout the movie to ask mike what's happening before crashing again, which i think is more annoying than just staying asleep. he doesn't believe me that i can watch them subconsciously.

but... miraculously this year there have been a few movies that we've both wanted to see (gold star!) and i've managed to stay awake through (triple gold stars!) and are actually great stories (1000 bonus points and a rainbow! it's that rare). we recommend all of them, although hanna is a bit violent and i covered my eyes for parts of it. the soundtracks are all really great too.

uno. the king's speech

dos. hanna

tres. the way back

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  1. I was iffy on The King's Speech, but I might just have to see it. And I can't wait to see Hanna. I've never even heard of the last one though; I'll have to check it out!


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