this is the post where you shake your head and say "she's a mean person"

you know on the price is right when bob barker asks the contestant if the price of the item is too high and they scream in righteous red-face-inducing fury "that's too much bob!"

such are my feelings about easter baskets.

i know i'm clueless about most things, but when did every holiday turn into a gift extravaganza? (and why didn't my parents celebrate like this?! maybe it would have curbed my cynicism) i've been seeing these crazy "easter baskets" that look like toys r us exploded in the living room. maybe as a general consensus, we could say that at least half the stuff has to actually fit inside the basket. too crazy? probably.

i'm sure that this post + my deep and abiding love for dave ramsey and all things frugal will ensure that i have the unluckiest kids in the world. they'll probably be cynics too.


  1. I feel the same way! When I found out about Easter baskets last year I was so confused - what are kids doing to deserve a second Christmas, they barely have to do any work to hunt for the basket, and everyone said "Why do you hate everything that makes people happy?" At least now there are two of us.

  2. I too agree with this! But would like to add CANDY to it! When did everything become a candy holiday? Seriously.....


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