to jana

we are taking off today for jana and collin's long awaited wedding in vegas. i've known them both since sophomore year when we were all just wee designers and they were on the verge of their little romance. i knew something was up between them when they started sitting closer and closer in our classes. i'm so happy/relieved they are finally getting married because my worst fear was that they would break up and the class would have to choose sides and things would get very east side vs. west side and i'm sure gangs and hit men and black trenchcoats would be involved.


it's hard to be more awesome or random than collin and jana. especially when jana leaves harry potter/rebecca black love notes in your sketchbook

or keeps you on your toes by changing your phone background to some of these gems

ah! peaches! she was by far the creepiest... staring out at me from behind my apps...

and collin introduced me to TINY WINGS! that alone deserves a drive to vegas to support them. they are some of the most best people i know. and soon to be blissfully wedded. this trip should also be an adventure because we are:

a) driving the completely unreliable neon
b) staying in a cheap hotel no one has ever heard of that mike booked at 3 in the morning
c) listening to a book that no one else has ever heard of because all the legitimate titles were checked out. i think it involves unicorns? dwarves? should be amazing.


  1. Hahahaha! I just saw this. Oh man, the weird things I do. But I have to admit, I don't deserve credit for the chipmunk with the gun... I've never seen it before. But I should have made that your background!

  2. oh that's right! that one was mike. of course.


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