oh vegas, sometimes you're so tacky.

we had the most relaxing time in vegas. we slept, a lot. i think we were still recuperating from finals. the wedding was so beautiful. alas, i am still camera shy when it comes to taking my own photos with other people around, so i only got two or three photos on mike's phone and left the real camera in the car. but i can describe it for you. just close your eyes and picture the reception in the middle of an orchard, at sunset, with hundreds of candles and flowers and the most delicious food. and look at jana's gorgeous bridals here, that will give a good feel for things.

and now, tell-tale signs you are staying in a cheap hotel.

1 - police cars outside
2 - a rickety glass elevator
3 - orange faux textured walls
4 - a tacky fountain in the lobby
5 - fake ivy covering the tacky fountain in the lobby
6 - wood veneer. everywhere.
7 - signs offering $10 off for some questionable entertainment...
8 - teal and yellow "party carpet" (think chuck e. cheese)
9 - plastic columns
10 - clipart for the "room service" menu

it was a great adventure.


  1. Gotta love Vegas and cheap hotels!

    P.S. we still need to get ice cream. And, I am still totally up for taking care of things over the summer if you need me to. Just letting you know. :)

  2. Sounds like it was fun overall. :) Gotta love Vegas--Let me just say YOU MADE MY WEEK yesterday! Thanks for the delivery--packaging and all=adorable. It's just perfect. You're the best.


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