my nephew jake. he has me entirely wrapped around his chubby little finger.

the other night mike walked over to me, moved my bangs out of my face and said "there. they were covering your one good eye."

i have not been to my m/w american heritage lecture since the first week of february.

there is a sudden sprouting of terribly named stores around here. tonight's favorites include "cleo's white moments" and "petals & promises."

the perfect client emailed about invitations this week. i believe the words "no budget" were involved. the only time i can imagine saying those words is in the dollar store - if they were having a really great sale.

our national debt is over 14 trillion dollars. that means i owe around $46,000. mike and i will be collecting pennies. in buckets. it's got to be more than obama is doing.

i shipped some posters to malaysia three weeks ago. after keeping my fingers very tightly crossed, they finally arrived. phew.

we have a new hobby. it's trying-to-find-a-sublet-that-won't-bankrupt-us-completely-when-we-move-to-new-york-in-june and it is a whole heap harder than when i tried to learn how to crochet. at least with crocheting you can choose the yarn color. i'm just praying that wherever we stay has a bed. or a futon. or we could always bring sleeping bags? the subway seems warm...


  1. SLeeping bags, in Central Park. It'll be like camping. With more homeless people.

  2. "Wedding Dreamer" is pretty top notch as well.

  3. I have a new hobby called "search for apartments that we can share with Mike and Sara for two months", and I am looking at two such possible apartments tomorrow. I know people think we're crazy when we say we want to live with you guys over the summer, but seriously I think we could pull it off. It would be fun right?

    I loved so many things in this post. Those store names? Omg. And I can totally imagine that little exchange between you and Mike. Hahaha.

    Also I heard you're not coming backpacking. :( I am bummed but at the same time I understand and I don't want to force you to go.

  4. Have you looked in Hoboken NJ? It is right across the river and they have a subway line that connects in with the NYC transit. My brother and sister in law lived there for a summer and it is amazing! As long as you dont mind taking the bus and the metro, it is a good option!

  5. I love everything about this post


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