decisions, decisions

i am in a pickle.

here's the situation: company A, that i think most of us know and love, would like to start selling my posters. (insert wild applause here). but... people won't know they are buying them from me anymore.  they would think they are buying them straight from company A. which might be a good thing. when customers find out i am a homeless college student i don't think it instills a lot of confidence.

so... do i sellout?

i love designing prints. i love that people actually buy them from me. i love that most clients tell me about their cat, and their weekend, and end up ordering more than once and say things like "hey girly!" when they email me.

but... it could be a really great business opportunity with a growing company too.

someone tell me what to do. i've been eating all afternoon and still can't make a decision. and the salt water taffy is almost gone (sorry ang!).


  1. i think i would sellout. i'd be hard, but to be able to say you're working with Company A selling prints would be great. in the end, you're still the designer and always have claim to such work (unless you SIGN YOUR LIFE AWAY).

  2. I would sell if By some long shot You could work it out so that you can sell them individual print designs. That way you can keep designing and keep making money... Or if you are just getting too busy you would want to sell. I hope they are offering you a lot of money! Oh ya... *WILd ApPlAuSe!!!!!*

  3. I'd probably sell out too. Maybe you could secretly put your name on them somewhere? ;)

  4. I work in advertising so my opinion is probably going to be obvious: SELL OUT!

    Maybe start a new project to be just you? You're my favorite designer, and I'll call you girly any day.

  5. Sell out if you are gonna be makin some good money!! And don't worry - i will still email you with "hey girly" and tell you all about my kitties (whenever i live in a place that will allow them). Will you still design me all the millions of different ideas I have???

  6. I think you should let them sell them as well! I think you will be able to find other ways to connect with people, and I know that I am going to keep in touch with you always so that I can send some ideas your way and buy some more! I think it is such an exciting opportunity!

  7. Okay, I need more details. Why won't they know it's from you? Is there anything you could do to mark them? Like, stamp the back side of the poster? Or is that not allowed by the company? How much money are you talking about here? Would you still be in charge of getting them printed when they are ordered, or is it something where they'll buy a bunch at once and then get more from you when they are out, or will they be printing them by themselves? Also, because my curiosity is killing me, I need to know the company. You should e-mail me. Or text me. Or something.

    P.S. I miss you.

    P.P.S. I've been on a salt water taffy kick lately. We bought a huge bag at Walmart and Hailey and I downed the entire thing in a couple of hours. Oops!

    P.P.P.S. (is that right?) I still need a couple of posters but now we are buying this house so I get to reorganize so I'm trying to decide what to do. Would you do one for me on smooth white cardstock? Yes, I totally am that pain-in-the-butt customer.

  8. NO Sara. Think of all the hard work you have put into it, YOU, and what is the point if they are just going to rip your name off it? It's just not fair, and it sounds like, from their contract (which I read from the e-mail, yes, I'm a stalker), they get all the glory, and you get all the blame if something goes wrong. Not very fun, is it?

    Though, know this, I will always love you no matter what you do :)

  9. Can you sell from them and also yourself too, still? Is that dumb? Do you like my anti-decision decision? ;) I want to hear more details when I get back.

    And I am really glad you're eating the taffy!


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