i should blog surf with the husband more often...

i'm trying to blog with more photos. even if they are old and have nothing to do with anything. like this one.

as i was perusing my usual blogs today mike came over and peered at my screen. i was looking at a friend's blog who is expecting a baby and has the baby countdown [you know the one where the baby bounces from side to side in the "womb"] along the sidebar. mike's reaction:

"I hate those fetus tickers."

i am still laughing. i hope i'm not the only one who thinks it's funny. and for the record, i like the fetus ticker.


  1. hahaha I was playing around with those "fetus tickers" and I made it full of as many babies as possible. I thought that it would be super awesome. It wasn't.

  2. Hahaha.... now the question is, will YOU have a fetus ticker when the time comes?

    You know what, I should get a fetus ticker, just for fun. Even though I'm not pregnant. Just because I like them. It would freak people out. hahaha.

    Oh and I love the picture. Really.


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