feelin the love

this is us the night we were engaged. i think we called everyone under the sun. happiness.

i am 22 years old today.

it has been a good day. so good that i might have cried a little. because what else do you do when you are doused with emails, texts, phone calls and happy thoughts from people you love? you have a happy cry. and then you say a little pray of thanks.

life is a wonderful thing.


  1. well jee, you didn't call me that night.... and I didn't call you today. we'll be even.... sort of.. Happy Birthday Sara

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!

  3. I love you! Glad you had a happy day.

  4. this is a little late- but better late than never, right?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


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