dave ramsey says americans are like monkeys.

well. sort of.
after my last post i became very curious. obviously i don't understand finance. which is why the idea of credit cards didn't make any sense. so i started doing a little research. i read a few books, opened up the very trustworthy wikipedia, and ate an ice cream sandwich. and i became a bit more knowledgeable. and i highly recommend this book. most of his principles line up exactly with what the church teaches, and it made mike and i sit down and set up some financial goals so that we can make millions. and i'm not joking, we want millions. to save humanity of course :)


  1. Taylor wants millions too. I want to live in a forest. We fight a lot over this.. He wants a mansion and a bunch of sports cars and I want a tree house and chickens... We need to sit down and discuss this someday I think....

  2. Will you let me borrow it when I come for thanksgiving? It sounds great! I also know nothing about finances.


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