dear j. crew,

please only notify me in the future if you are having a real sale - no more of these fake sales you have been trying to lure me to your site with. i have two suggestions i think might be helpful in convincing me to bust out my locked up credit card and splurge:
1) mark things down to under $75 every now and then (idea: not everything has to be made out of cashmere. just a thought.)
2) throw in some of the actually cute regular priced items in once in awhile too. i have been stalking the same sweater for six months and it has not budged one cent.

i still love your coats,

p.s. i can buy the same flats you have for sale for $99 at target for $20 and sharpie j.crew on the inside. and i will. but know i will be back drooling over your site again tomorrow.


  1. I think you should really send this. It would be awesome.

  2. hahaha i laughed out loud at the cashmere comment. SO TRUE. all of it.


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