call me naive...

we just got our first credit card. it's silver. it's shiny. it's smooth. it's SCARY.
let me tell you.
we paid our rent with that sleek little platinum card this month and we just got the bill. we owe approximately $21.00 on December 25, 2009. that is around 1/30 of our actual rent. my mouth dropped to the floor.
no wonder the average household in america has $10,679 in credit card debt.

my card is now in a very safe place.
i am not touching that thing with a ten foot pole.
i prefer our previous method of "no money, no spending."
any alternatives to building a credit history?


  1. Haha, I love you. Just use it like a debit card, pay in full every month. No worries little Sara! Don't be afraid of the credit card. The credit card is your friend! :)

  2. you have to pay off the credit card by the billing period or they'll charge you interest!!! if you pay it in time and don't have anything on your statement when the billing period is over then you won't get charged anything. then and only then will the credit card be your friend.

  3. I hate credit cards!!!!!! We haven't used our creit cards in months... we are paying off all our debt.. it sucks. Credit Cards can be friends... but not my friends.. Once our debt is payed off we are canceling them. We lost our jobs at the same time last year and had to live off of them.. it was horrible.

  4. there are 3 ways to get credit, 1. use a credit card and pay off most but not all of the total money you spent (paying off the whole thing doesn't get you any credit) 2. get a loan and 3. i dont remember (i'll ask my brother again) maybe it was have a car or house payment


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