things that confuse me {the ultra condensed list}

no, pandora. it does not make sense for me to "heart" a coldplay song and then have you select slipknot as the next artist.

why is the lowest setting on my mixer still high enough to flick food everywhere? our walls could be some sort of organic testament of our diet. but, never fear, i clean them.

people that spell other people's names wrong on facebook... pretty sure their name is on the top of the page...

is there a way to roundbrush your hair without getting the roundbrush hopelessly stuck on your head? also, i feel sort of dumb whenever i say "roundbrush". this is a brush, and it's round, so i guess it's a... roundbrush.

michael makes kool-aid in excessively large amounts. after a month i dump it down the drain. and the next day? a bigger batch of kool-aid finds a home in our fridge. baffling.

i watched a couple change their baby on campus the other day. while they were walking. it was fascinating. and gross. but i followed them just to see if they could do it. they did. i couldn't help being impressed.

fact. ivy is still on project runway. ugh! i want to punch her little hyper face sometimes. but i am not a violent person. (i take it out on our alpaca pillow).

blogger. the layout tools tend to do the opposite of what i want them to. OR they look fine until they publish and then CHAOS. it's such a pleasant surprise.

the end.


  1. Hahahaha. I agree on so many levels. I just watched Project Runway (can we start calling it PR? Way easier to type.) last night and yes, Ivy. And I was surprised by some of the judges choices this week.

    Thanks for taking word verification off. I am so excited to push "Post Comment" in just a second and NOT have it reload the page and make me push it again. :) Actually it still might. Stupid Blogger. Anyway. If you start getting spam comments you can totally put it back on.

  2. It's pretty much a fact that I love everything about this post. Yep, everything.

  3. I found something we don't have in common. I totally would have ♥'d Slipknot and been mad when Coldplay started. LOL but I do agree, Pandora is a crackhead.

    I love this post. :)

    And from what I can tell, to learn how to roundbrush without getting the brush stuck in your hair is something you learn in cosmetology school because the only person that can actually roundbrush my hair is my stylist. One time, when I was little, I got a roundbrush so stuck in my hair that I had to cut it out. Seriously, it was tragic.

    I started the website for the Husband, through Blogger. It's actually really ugly because I don't have a good computer and so cannot use any good design tools yet but after spending three hours getting it to do what it is now (go see the mess - andrademotorsports.com) I told him I cannot continue to work under these conditions and I need a new computer STAT. So I'm getting a new computer. Which also means the Adobe design suite. :D :D :D :D Pretty excited.

    Oh, and do I get the longest comment award? Is it cupcakes? ;)

  4. Oh my goodness. IVY.

    I cannot stand her. I am glad we are on the same page sistah :D

  5. oh ivy..
    why is everybody so mean to michael c?
    and everybody spells my name wrong on facebook. i really don't understand it either. and it bothers me.


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