my 5 year old self would be so disappointed.

on tuesday i made the mistake of forgetting to pack a lunch. ohhhhhhh what a mistake. i went to the vending machines and debated between peanut m&ms and a lunchable. in a rare moment of logic, i decided that a lunchable was potentially more healthy / filling.

um.... has anyone eaten a lunchable lately?

for some reason the rubbery cheese and slimy ham just doesn't do it for me like it did when i was seven.
which led me to create the following...

foods that have lost their magic sometime between age 5 and now:

playdough ice cream
fruity pebbles (when i eat these i swear i feel new cavities forming before i'm finished)
ring pops
corn dogs
bubble tape
those gummy hamburger things
pop rocks
mcdonald's chicken nuggets
(feel free to add to this list)

all foods i begged for and was rarely able to have because my mother loves me, truly.

it's kind of ironic. now that im finally able to buy all the junk food i want, my taste buds have decided to connect to my stomach. it's a cold, cruel world we live in.


  1. Fund dips and bubble tape will NEVER lose their magic.

  2. hot dogs with ketchup, french fries, slurpies, off brand otter pops. and when i'm pregnant- anything with sugar in it at all

  3. Don't judge me - I still love fruity pebbles (cocoa pebbles are even better), corn dogs, and mcdonald's chicken nuggets. :)

  4. ok ok... some foods are still magical to some people, i stand corrected :)

  5. This post TOTALLY cracked me up. I love that list! It's true though... all of those things are a lot less appetizing than they used to be. The thought of a gummy hamburger makes me cringe.

  6. PIXIE STIX - How about we just give the kids straight sugar and have them eat that? No, that's wrong. Okay, how about if we dye it pastel colors and put it in a fun little tube? PERFECT!

  7. SO funny because Fruity Pebbles used to be my favorite cereal when I was little and my mom ALWAYS buys it when I'm visiting; I just don't know how to break it to her that I don't love it quite the same as I used to. :)

  8. all i can say is fruit snacks will never go out of style (i realized that wasn't on the list, but its one of those things i loved as a kid and think i will always love) and doritos (cool ranch to be exact). every other sugary really unhealthy food i loved as a kid i don't so much love anymore. oh and reeses peanut butter puffs- still love it.

  9. Dude, you have hundreds of comments already. You're a superstar!

    Have I ever told you I'm a 5-year-old kid at heart? I am. Because I still totally love Lunchables. The cheese pizza ones are my favorite - ask my daughter, I don't share those ones. I love ring pops, corn dogs, twinkies, fun dips, pop rocks, and I still buy Spaghetti-O's in bulk quantities. I will never change! LOL


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