the day we almost bought iphones

let me start at the beginning.

i wake up early. too early. about a week ago i was filing away all of our transactions in mint (favorite hobby) and i had been thinking about what i could get mike for our anniversary next month. looking at our budget again, i had an idea.

i went into our bedroom at 5:45 and kind of shook mike awake. i got a semi-grunt, so i said "mike, what do you think about getting iphones for our anniversary?" he half opened one eye to look at me, and then he lifted up the corner of the covers and said "welcome to my bed." he was a little delusional. and then he started patting me on the back and saying "you've had a grand idea, sara" over and over and over.

the problem was that i wanted to wait until october, and mike wanted it two months ago.

finally, last night, he convinced me i needed the sheer joy and happiness the iphone would bring. and i needed it now. so we drove to the store. and walked in. and it was packed. we waited. and that's where it all went downhill... because as we waited, i kept hearing snippets of the conversations around me:

"activation fee is $36 per line"
"yeah, the new iphone is only $199"
"oh, you will have to pay the cancellation fee for that"
"yeah, we add the data plan of $15 per line to your $49.99 monthly plan"

and that, x2, meant all i heard was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and that it would cost us a million and five dollars to buy those shiny little things.
plus i kept seeing dave ramsey's head floating around with a disappointed look, like i failed him.
and then i started to panic. possibly hyperventilate. and just as it was our turn at the counter, i made mike leave the store. i chickened out. worst wife ever.

so... yeah. i guess you don't get points for almost buying an iphone.


  1. DANG IT!!!! A couple days ago Klane got all excited and said he had some awesome news. And it was "MIKE AND SARA ARE GETTING IPHONE 4'S!!!" We were all stoked. I thought you knew all the costs and were taking the plunge anyway.

    I must admit that it hurt a little, that first day after the activation fee, cost of the phone, first bill. The total was a little more than I expected. But after the first month it evens out; since then I haven't looked back, and it has been worth every penny.

    Maybe when school gets out?! You can't survive in NYC without an iPhone, you know. ;)

  2. haha the funny thing is, i DID know the costs and i was totally fine with it! i think it was the combo of paying rent, tuition, and health insurance yesterday that did me in :) we are still getting them, probably just closer to october :) FACE TIME!

  3. I want one of those new Samsung phones that's just like an iPhone but a Samsung, because I ♥ Samsung. They are good phones. Plus, then I don't become one of those 'iPhone people'. Hahaha totally kidding. I support you buying an iPhone. :D

    I had the same reaction when I bought my touch screen phone though, right after touch screens came out. It was pricey. I chose the 4-pay payment plan and even then, I kind of had a hard time with it. But I love my phone, so I guess it's okay.

    Good luck with the iPhone quest!

  4. Just get em! I LOVE mine. I can lay in bed allllll day and check my email and facebook. It has made me so utterly lazy. It's awesome.


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