finders keepers

my mom gave me a box full of random stuff awhile ago. mostly old art stuff. i shoved the box in the back of the neon and promptly dragged it around the state of utah for a few months because the only time i remembered about it was when we went grocery shopping and needed the trunk (which always made mike really happy). i finally dragged it out of the car on saturday. here's what i found:

alot of really bad photos from a b&w film class a few years ago. but for some reason, i find them kind of nice now. so i very artistically hung them crookedly with masking tape on my wall.

and guess what else was in the mystery box? these lovelies:

who knows how long they have been there. did i eat them anyways?


and were they delicious?



  1. Seeing pictures like that makes me want a film camera. And a processing room. *drool*

  2. I LOVE pocky! Hahaha I need to buy some tomorrow.. and I love all the pictures!

  3. bwahaha. that's my face. i remember when you used to drag me downstairs to pose for you. how come you don't have my good one up there?

  4. These are so great and they look awesome hung up like that. Oh, to be talented and creative like Sara..... sigh....

    And i think I would have eaten them too. That is why you and I are such good friends. :)


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