some things just need to be shared

remember awhile ago when everyone on facebook was doing those doppleganger things?
tonight i re-discovered mike's results. (i took screenshots to preserve the memory)
for your viewing pleasure, his top three matches...

the girl from slumdog millionaire won the #1 spot, followed by...

"queen latifah!?! now that's just wrong."

my result was emmy rossum, which is neither funny nor accurate.


  1. Funny that. I was just thinking to myself "mike looks so much like queen latifah!"
    Too funny!

  2. I love that they're all girls. Pretty sure Mike has no feminine features.

  3. Klane laughed out loud. For a while. Appropriately so.

    I was watching the office last night with a friend and Michael was having an interview with David Wallace and suddenly I realized it was the infamous quote: "at ANY time... for ANY reason!" I laughed soooo hard and had to record the clip on my phone so I could watch it again and again.


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