school is good. it is teaching me things. like observing.

these are my saturday morning breakfast observations. translucence.

observation is a funny thing. a learned thing. once you start noticing details you become more amazed by them. and then grateful for them. and then humbled by them.

and then you realize that you have a long way to go to become a really good designer. but that's ok. it's what life is for, right?


  1. I have that same plant, I got it at Ikea. I feel closer to you now. And I liked this post. Good thoughts. And I like your curtains. Which makes me realize it's been wayyyy too long since I've been in your apartment. Sigh. Oh and I think you're an amazing designer and I admire you for always striving to improve. :)

  2. Just a thought on your observations: "To gain knowledge one must study, but to gain wisdom one must observe." Wish I could remember who to attribute that little insight to. And just for the record--you are already an amazing designer!

  3. You are a really good designer already so I guess things can only get better from here, yah? I am a big observer. And I love it. My husband thinks I'm crazy when I look at a bug and I point out all the weird little spots and stuff. I guess I am crazy, but still. Also observant. :)


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