poison ivy.

sorry to everyone i already ruined this for...

thursdays are the best night of the week for me. i finish classes around 7 and get to go home with the knowledge that i only have to work 5 or 6 hours on friday before that blissful feeling of eternal weekend begins. have i said how much i love working part-time yet? this is the first semester in a few years i'm not putting 40-50 hours in a week at a day job and it is BLISS. i am as chipper as mary poppins most days. except i can't whistle.

the past few weeks though, my beautiful thursdays have been a little bit... tainted.
i blame her.

but after last night, i don't have to hear her mean little voice ever again.

all is right in the world.


  1. i only ever saw the first episode of this season and then with packing and moving i didn't keep up. i wish i kept up with the season- it is such a great show! i'm glad she's off. nothing more annoying than watching a favorite show with someone you despise on it.... (ok so maybe there are more things in life that are more annoying but you get the point).

  2. Oh no, I knew I shouldn't have read this post until I watched the episode! It's okay though, it'll still be fun to watch. I have been too busy lately to catch up, I have two episodes to watch now! Yesterday I watched the one where they had to execute other people's designs and she totally threw her partner under the bus.

    Thanks for introducing me to this show!

    And yes, we should iChat more often!

    And I sort of forgot or didn't realize you were coming out for that trip, i am so excited!! YAY!

  3. ah spoiler! ha I love that show but I dont hate her as bad as Gretchen, just the sound of her voice drives me CRAZY. I miss Casanova :( he was hilarious

  4. whoops! wasn't thinking when i posted this morning... obviously ;) i amended it so i wouldn't ruin it for anyone else!

    kat- i miss casanova too! so many awesome sayings. "am i disappointed? maybe a quart." probably my favorite line of his.

  5. This is why I texted you on Thursday saying: "satisfied?" hahaha

  6. i didn't like gretchen's dress. the feathers were just too much.

  7. Hey Sara!
    I just found your blog when I got that email from you about your posters. {which I'm interested in}
    Love your blog, it's so very cute.


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