adventures in marthaland

background: i usually leave for work at 9 and get in at 9:45. i also sit next to the creative director's assistant, paulie. she has a pretty insane job. think devil wears prada.

last friday paulie asked me to cover for her on monday morning since she would be at a doctor's appointment. she told me to be there at 8:45. no problem! cue monday morning. i woke up around 5:30 to work on posters/invitations. i went into the bathroom at 8:30 to get ready and started mentally going through what my deadlines would be for that day... and all of the sudden i looked in the mirror and dropped my brush. oh my gosh. i completely spaced the fact that i was supposed to be there in fifteen minutes. i ran to the subway station, rode downtown, and power walked/jogged the four avenues until i got to the building. it has been insanely hot and humid, and by the time i got there (thirty minutes late) i looked gross and was panicking. i rushed through the double doors after getting off the elevator and luckily looked up in time to stop myself from crashing my sweaty face right into martha. she said hello. i said hi. and then i squealed to myself once i was positive she was out of earshot.

she looks amazing in person. that woman has found the fountain of youth. she's 70!

new story.

on tuesday paulie suddenly stood up and said "come with me. now". i started to ask why, but she said "just come!" so i got up and jogged to catch up with her. and the strangest thing happened. first, we were walking with just a few people. within thirty seconds, tons of people were streaming out of their rows, all headed toward the reception area, and walking faster and faster the more people they saw. and then i saw the reason. on the receptionist's desk was a bucket filled with mini zucchini's from martha's garden. all of the sudden, looking at all those people, i needed that zucchini. we fought for a place in line and managed to get some of the last ones. i felt like holding it high above my head and doing a victory lap around all the other people that read the email fifteen seconds too late. ha! i got a martha zucchini! it kind of feels like winning the lottery.

see? baby zucchini. i'm keeping it forever. she brings in eggs a lot too. but i have yet to figure out a way to get those home on the subway.


  1. oh sara, i'm really enjoying your martha adventures.

    ps how was your martha/interns lunch?

  2. it's supposed to be next week, i will keep you posted :)

  3. Sara your job sounds like so much fun! What are you planning to do with the zuchinni?! My vote is zuchinni bread. I feel like Martha's zuchinnis probably stay fresh long enough to collect as many as you need.


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