date night

on thursday night mike met me in chelsea after work and we wandered over to the west village to find some food. we finally settled on pinto, a little thai place that looked good. we are on a constant quest to find something that beats thai drift. we've tried so many places, and some of them are close rivals but nothing has bested it yet. this place was pretty delicious, but it was more fusion food. i had the lamb massaman and mike had... i don't remember but the sauce was scrumptious.

afterwards we meandered through the streets and talked and people watched until my second stomach (the dessert one) began desperately craving sugar.
mmmmm... triple chocolate mousse.

we decided that we need to spend more time together. we're canceling our netflix account (1. because mike is irate they are almost doubling the price and 2. because we need to get out more and stay in less). i had a new idea for a project that he is going to help me out with. mike is the perfect sounding board for the millions of things i feel like i need an opinion on. it must be exhausting listening to me talk all the time. maybe i should go on a speech diet. hmmm....

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  1. I just saw your comment on my blog - READ nurture shock. Seriously. You don't need kids to love it and plus, you will learn stuff that will make you look at stuff different so that when you do have kids, you can just remind yourself of it rather than having to learn it.

    Also, im so jealous of this adventure of yours! My little sis is living in manhattan (she just moved from brooklyn) and I want to go visit SO bad. I love reading about what you guys are up to! :)


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