walkin' on sunshine

this past week has been full of good things. reading my scriptures on the subway every day. getting the chance to email jenny back and forth for 45 minutes and talking about change, doubts, and testimony. (maybe i cried a little bit. at work.) walking by the test kitchen at the exact moment they wheeled out a very fat, delicious chocolate cake and "testing" a large piece. 

getting an email saying that since friday's temperature was going to be over 100 degrees everyone should take the day off and go to the beach. eating an ice cream bar for lunch and sitting on the pier reading pride and prejudice. getting to do some really beautiful wedding announcements. my family being awesome enough to handle the shipping/assembly aspects of both businesses while we've been here. coco helado for $1! mike. mike is always a good thing.

we've been better at prioritizing the important things this week and it has made such a difference in our day to day. i feel like skipping down the streets with rainbows trailing behind me. life's so much better when you choose to be happy.


  1. Sara,

    I LOVE reading your blog. I'm living vicariously through your awesome experience in New York. Running into Martha? Wow. Very few people get that crazy cool experience. Hope you and Mike are doing great. It sure sounds like you are. :)

  2. Sara! I MISS YOU TOO! Why did you leave me for New York?

    You'll never guess where I might be getting a job... a chocolate shop. You'll have to come visit me. Often.

    I want to work for Martha. Officially.


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