beach day + hp7 numero dos

we went to the beach again last saturday. the first time we headed out i braced myself for a gross and grungy beach filled with trash and body odor and maybe even rats scurrying across the sand. not sure why my mind heard beach and automatically thought subway. sometimes having an overactive imagination pays off. my expectations are usually so wacky that i'm always excited about the reality.

after a relaxing afternoon full of salt water taffy, sleeping, and swimming we headed back to partake of harry potter's magical mania. it was a bittersweet feeling watching the concluding piece. i love that our generation grew up with harry, ron, and hermione. and i love that j.k. rowling made millions of kids fall in love with reading and she should also be applauded for writing a series that gets better with each book, not worse. although, as much i love the movies, that epilogue was pitiful and hilarious. books will always be better. we finished the night with dinner at land, which finally satisfied my thai food cravings. it was a successful saturday!

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