the b.f.a. - or best friends always club

so maybe it actually stands for bachelor of fine arts. but my dad only calls it the best friends always club. which i kind of like.

anyways. i applied to the bfa in april (you have to be in the graphic design program and complete a year of classes before you can apply). they make it pretty stressful. or maybe the students make it stressful. or maybe its the rumors that swirl about the impossibility of getting in and how there are a billion and five potential applicants. either way, it was stressful. especially since most of my projects were started within a few days or the day before the portfolio was due. my procrastination meant late night, expensive kinkos runs with tons of printing issues (curse you kinkos! i despise you), simultaneously slashing through foamcore and my rug with an x-acto blade at 3 in the morning, and finishing the portfolio at 5:30 am, two hours before i went to set it up at the review. whew. it was close.

here's the portfolio i submitted. don't judge too much, because i still have two years of scholastic learning left. (translates to: there's a lot of mistakes)

this was a poster assignment. i designed a series for a women's chess tournament. clearly i am a feminist.

this was a logo and stationary for an art studio in harlem (an ode to klane and angie)

CD packaging for brand new's album daisy. their lyrics are awesome, so i made all the song text a little bit crazy.

this was a re-design of instyle magazine... 

and three book cover designs for my favorite novels. i did change the title of anthem because it fit better. but the hand-drawn type is probably my favorite part of my portfolio. 

el fin.


  1. These are fabulous!! I especially like the chess posters. You're so talented! Did you already find out if you got in?

  2. Oh man, I still think those book covers are pure genius. LOVE.

  3. WOW! That was just amazing! Love them! You have skill!! :)

  4. I don't know enough about graphic design to see any mistakes here so I am going to say it's all PERFECT! It looks amazing to me. You are my hero! Thanks for the Harlem shout-out, that made me smile. And I like the pages of the Brand New booklet with the birds. Very cool. All the typography here is genius. YOU are genius.

  5. You amaze me. Seriously. My brain does not function the same way yours does. In other words... you are a lot smarter and creative than I. well done.

  6. So, when are you recovering my Rand books??

  7. One of my favorite things about graphic design classes was seeing your projects. You're amazing!

  8. Basically.. what everyone else said!! WOW Sara you are going to be one successful lady ;) haha... and... I miss you!


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