retail therapy

i used to love shopping. empty my bank account and not even think twice about it shopping. but after mike and i became we and the bank account became ours things changed. the money i would have spent on shoes became the money that should be going to our IRA.

even though i am pretty sure i will die or the second coming will occur before we ever reach the blessed age of 59.5 and see that money again.

but. now instead of buying clothes when i need them or when there is a supremely awesome sale, i can't do it. can't. can't. can't. (that was for you ang. and barry.)

i fill up an online shopping cart. i enter my checkout information. and then there is that confirm payment button. oi. aaaaaaaaaaand exit browser.

this week, i am mourning these lovely items. so close to buying them, and now i am regretting it. a little. at least my unborn children will be able to go to college? but the ruffles...


  1. Teach me how to have amazing fashion sense like you. I love all three of those but I wouldn't have known where to find them or even recognized their cuteness potential at first glance. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a complete inability to spend money though.

    WHY DON'T YOU LIVE HERE!?! We could go shopping together. Hours wandering around SoHo... H&M.... J Crew.... Bloomingdales..... while the boys play video games.

    Think about it.



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