life tip

if you don't already watch project runway, you should. i mean it. it is high quality entertainment. you can even watch them online at mylifetime.com if you are like me and only have an option of three channels.

*sidenote: i've always had a soft spot for lifetime tv. when i stayed home from school (at least every two weeks or so) i would eat a half gallon of ice cream and rot my brain on lifetime original movies. which is probably why i am convinced i will die a dramatic death / be kidnapped and held hostage for twenty years.

but back to project runway. i am really excited for this season. some very talented people plus a good mix of crazies and and a certifiable nutcase or two. just look at these people. don't you want to devote an hour and a half of your life to them every thursday and watch them make ridiculous ensembles and sob to the camera about their tortured visions? i think yes. and if that doesn't convince you, just watch once to hear heidi klum say "nina garcia". it's worth it.


  1. I love it! design star is also a good one. Great sassy gay men fights.

  2. I am Angela Harding and I approve this message. Seriously, one episode and I was hooked! I am not even really into fashion and I don't follow trends or even really go shopping ever, so I thought I wouldn't like the show. But one episode and I was hooked! Love it.

  3. Did I mention one episode and I was hooked? I did? Twice? Oh. Oops.


  4. Gretchen is my favorite this season! LOVE Project Runway! I love what you said about Heidi saying "Nina Garcia". One of my person favorites is when Tim says: "designers" The voice he uses is hilarious.


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