girls night

jess orchestrated girls night last friday. we ate, watched movies, talked nonsense, and repeated that cycle at least twenty seven times. after you grow up a little bit and realize that clothes are not the most important things in life, sisters are the best. especially my sisters. they are beautiful, talented, and hilarious. {sorry about the pictures - the lighting was awful and i was too lazy to fix things - surprise}

we started the night off at blue lemon, where the sandwiches are bigger than your face...
then we went to the mall, since it has the highest concentration of chocolate stores per square foot. and we visited them all. while sampling a nasty chocolate truffle {who knew such a thing existed?} we found out that syd has never seen project runway {scandal!} and ran home to stuff our faces with sugar and watch the first three episodes from this season.

lara might kill me for posting that picture... but syd looks cute! we made waffles with strawberries and plenty of whipped cream the next morning. mmmm... delicious. and girls night was officially declared a success, minus jen of course.


  1. Sisters are the best, and so are daughters and we have kind-of adopted the Harding Family, which would include you, so welcome to our party any time!!

  2. That looks like sooo much fun! The perfect girls night. You and your sisters are so cute, I love you guys. And I love Project Runway. And waffles. My friend is coming to stay and I might have to copy some of these girls night ideas while I'm hosting her and her sister and Klane is out of town. Hmmm.... Thanks for the ideas.

    Oh and who is Syd?

  3. oh, syd. she is our adopted sister. i should have mentioned that, but most of the time i forget she's not actually a blood related sister :)

  4. or i'm the supposed "soon-to-be" sister (=


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