things i should have already posted about: part 2 - the final hurrah

back in may (april maybe?) i had been serving in the primary presidency for almost a year. we knew our time as a presidency was almost done since a lot of people were moving, so we decided to throw a big party for all the kids. it was a huge hit. we had cake, ice cream, a pinata (i'm sure their parents were thrilled) and a bunch of games. i loved my primary calling. the kids were hilarious, the people i worked with became wonderful friends, and teaching the gospel to five year olds was a lot closer to my comfort zone than anything involving adults. i miss it. especially since my new calling is teaching relief society. yikes.

favorite primary moments that i can remember:

*having a christmas party and showing the nativity cartoon. all the kids started screaming when king herrod started killing the babies. oops. forgot about that part.

*trying to explain to them that joseph smith was not jesus' dad. that was a different joseph. it took awhile.

*showing a resurrected painting of christ and asking what was happening in the picture: "jesus is flying!"


  1. How do you do this? How do you make a Primary activity look glamorous enough to be in a magazine? You're amazing. I loved your primary stories. You should write those all down so you never forget and if you ever need a good laugh you can go back and read over them.

    Ahhh I miss you!

  2. Haha! I remember the christmas party well. I was just so impressed with you popcorn idea for a snack. I sure miss those cute kids. There are hundreds of little kids in our new ward, but they just can't replace London and Rachel and Candace.

  3. Yeah, your pictures are much more professional looking than mine. You make me feel dumb. :) jk

    I loved when all the kids freaked out during the movie. And I had to take a bawling Andrea out in the hall. Oh, goodness. And a flying Jesus! I miss those kids. (okay, i'm still there but they're not nearly as funny as they used to be).

  4. Hey, Sarah....
    I didn't know you are such an artist! Look at your blog and all the photos you took! Amazing...
    I wanna do a blog like this 2, but it is kind of difficult with 2 kids. Maybe we have to ask you to teach us with some cool project for enrichment activity!



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