we love sundays because the church is true. and air-conditioned.

on sunday, mike and i took a nap on the couch. 

about thirty minutes after we fell asleep, i was given the two-arm shove off the couch while mike mumbled "it's too crowded here. maybe you should move over there. toooooooo much body heat."

in my semi-delusional state of mind as i arrived on the floor, i had two thoughts: 

1 - our apartment is hotter than hades
2 - we're not newlyweds anymore

being newlyweds for some reason means that you have to touch each other all the time. because you love each other and obviously that is the only way you can show you love each other, despite any other circumstances, like no air conditioning. and if not being newlyweds anymore means more comfortable naps so we don't have to peel ourselves apart as we roast in our 700 square foot broiler where it is hotter inside than outside because the tiny, tiny, tiny air-conditioner that we bought off ksl as a desperate last attempt against the inferno of july has a radius of approximately six inches, i guess i'm ok with that.

although fall could come any day now. or an arctic chill. 


  1. hahaha you make me laugh, because it is totally true! Thank you. That made my day! :) oh by the way, I know you 2 play soccer. my husband LOVES soccer. If you ever have a soccer game going, contact me so he can go enjoy the sport that I don't understand :) haha.

  2. AGREED. We are obviously not newlyweds anymore either. I am excited for fall when we don't have to squeeze ourselves to the outermost edge of the bed in order to avoid sharing body heat. Cuddling (or even accidentally touching hands or legs) just is NOT HAPPENING during the summer.


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