a new side business to the side business to the real job

i have been working on a new little project lately. one that was heavily influenced by otter pops. the site should be re-tweaked for the umpteenth time tonight (should i ever give deadlines? i never keep them. sometimes i wave to them as they roll on by) but hopefully my next post will be one announcing it's official debut. i just got a little anxious. hence, this post.

check it out here: avintageposter.com


  1. beautiful! you are so talented sara!!!

  2. I keep checking the link you gave me just to see if you have posted more :) They are super cute!! You are so dang talented

  3. Aaaaand you could be a photographer if you wanted, too. You are one of the most talented people I know! These pics are great and the cards look awesome!

  4. Posters? Cards? I'm an idiot. I want to buy them, whatever you call them. Deal? Deal.


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